Additional explanation about spectators

Info for Teams

Dear biathlon fans,

we appreciate the feedback we have received from you concerning the decision of the Organizing Committee Pokljuka regarding the attendance of spectators at the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 Pokljuka.

The goal of the Organizing Committee Pokljuka in this unstable pandemic situation in Slovenia and Europe is to guarantee safe and fair competitions that are also worthy of World Championships standards. The health of the biathlon family has always been our first priority and guided our decision making in this process.

We have delayed the decision regarding spectators’ attendance to make sure we can primarily prepare the venue in a way that all groups on-site can feel safe. Upon completion, the next obvious step was to give the WCH a heart – the fans! Our great desire was to provide support for the athletes with the energy of biathlon fans, probably the most sincere and supportive fans in the world. Imagine how you hold breath with the athletes, how your heart stops when your favorite starts shooting and how loud you cheer along the tracks. And we also wanted to reward you, the fans, with the spectacular performances of the best biathletes live on-site!

To find the safest way to guarantee the well-being of all event participants, the OC Pokljuka is in constant contact with the Slovenian government and national institutions. In the past weeks, we discussed several scenarios to be able to welcome fans at the venue in Pokljuka. Always under the condition that the highest level of safety standards to prevent the spread Covid-19 can be guaranteed.

In light of the latest pandemic developments, it was decided that these criteria can only be met by providing a complete package for spectators: transport to and from Pokljuka, hospitality at a dedicated fan tent (including food and drinks) and a special grandstand. Hence, only one type of tickets (“Package Ticket”) will be available to an allowed number of buyers, where the tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. 

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in these extraordinary circumstances and look forward to seeing you in Pokljuka!