Bohinj – Green oasis in the heart of the Julian Alps

Bohinj, located in the heart of the Julian Alps and in the Triglav National Park, is one of the most beautiful Alpine Valleys. A wild beauty of the nature and a loyalty to the tradition offer each visitor a feeling of returning to the roots. This is why Bohinj has been listed among the most sustainable European destinations, and is the winner of the national sustainable badge Slovenia Green. Pokljuka, the location of this year’s IBU World Championships Biathlon, also falls under the Bohinj destination.

Fun fact. On the map, you will not find the place Bohinj, because this is just a geographical area, connecting villages from Lower and Upper Bohinj Valley, and surrounding mountains. The biggest attraction is Lake Bohinj, the biggest Slovene natural lake, surrounded by mountains. The lake, the bridge, and the Church of St. John the Baptist create a recognizable scene which is also found in the municipal coat of arms. A picturesque gorge of the river Mostnica is located on the path to the Voje Valley. At the other part of the lake, waterfall Savica springs out from the steep Komarča bluff. Above the lake, the mountain pasture Vogel, in winter, a popular ski slope with an amazing view, is to be found.

The Bohinj area is a part of the Unesco’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme. The symbiosis between the inhabitants and nature can be seen in the Bohinj mountain pastures where the traditional Alpine farming culture is still alive. In Bohinj, they produce well-known Bohinj cheeses, the most special is cheese mohant. The importance of those traditions can also be seen at the traditional Cows’ Ball which usually takes place in September when livestock returns from pastures.

In Bohinj, they are proud of their rich Alpine flora which is celebrated at the International festival of Alpine blossoms. The purity of the natural environment and water is noticeable in the rich water life, and that is why Bohinj is a popular place for fly fishing. This type of fishing is celebrated at the Fly fishing festival.

Bohinj is also an attractive place for outdoor activities, especially for hiking. It is an excellent starting point to visit the Triglav mountain range. One of the most picturesque paths to the Slovenian highest peak Triglav (2864 m) passes the Valley of the Triglav Lakes. Interesting hiking excursions are Bohinj Alpine Trail and the Slovene part of the international trail Via Alpina. In winter, apart from skiing slopes, prepared cross-country trails, which can consist of up to the 70 km of tracks, are inviting sports enthusiasts.