Five-star experiences for unforgettable memories

Slovenia Unique Experiences are like the icing on the cake. They make visits to this place located between the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plains even more lavish. The Slovenia Unique Experiences label ensures experiences with a green soul, sustainable philosophy, and authenticity you cannot experience elsewhere. Five-star experiences distinguished by the kaleidoscope of Slovenian nature and culture are very personal, experienced in your own way, for couples or intimately for very small groups. There has been 17 Slovenia Unique Label recipients so far.

Garden Village, a unique glamping resort on the ground of the former garden, is located only a few steps from Lake Bled. Tree houses and luxurious tents right above the stream murmuring below offer everything for a comfortable holiday in nature.

In the Soča Valley, in the company of a costumed soldier from the Isonzo Front, you can learn about the legacy of the First World War, and find out more about the dairy tradition of the surrounding mountains. The authentic tastes of Soča Valley’s cheeses, and the purity of its water sources are revealed by another five-star experience in this area, complemented by a top culinary experience. In the embrace of Krn Mountains, you can feel the beauty of the alpine world through the eyes of alpinists in a unique vertical adrenaline adventure.

Slovenia wildlife break in Karst offers a genuine contact with nature. Slovenia has one of the largest brown bear populations in the world. The majority of those bears live in the Kočevje forests. Under the guidance of an experienced local guide, it is possible to discover the life of a brown bear in its natural environment.

The Slovenian coast and its hinterland also have their own unique stories. The Vintage Gourmet Tour experience reveals the secrets of olive oil production. Among other things, you will take a tour of the oil mill, test olive cosmetic products made of olive pits, and take a ride in legendary classic cars. In the Fonda Fish Farm, the secrets of rearing world-class sea basses in the Adriatic Sea can be revealed.

In a unique way, you can experience the charms of the Slovenian countryside on the Firbas homestead, which offers sleeping in a hayloft. In the Upper Savinja Valley, you can enter the world of herbs through the herbal experience, and in Brda the Intiniti Wine Bliss experience is waiting for you. The main attraction of the Intiniti Wine Bliss experience is Motnik, the nearly forgotten wine of the Staroverci—the Old Believers.

Exploring the largest Slovenian cities, Ljubljana and Maribor, can also be a fabulous experience. The Moustache tour, a guided cycling tour of Ljubljana accompanied by three famous artists, a unique tour in Ljubljana Castle, and learning about the wine tradition and the famous Old Vine in Maribor are certainly the best ways to explore those two cities.

Unique experiences are waiting for you not only on the ground, but also underground. It is possible to kayak through the abandoned mine tunnels in the Peca Mountain underground. Postojna Cave and its hidden corners can be experienced through the eyes of the first cave explorers. And in Velenje coal mine, you can experience a top gastronomic adventure in the Slovenia’s deepest dining room.