Johannes Thingnes Bø changed the riffle just before the IBU World Championships

“If it will not work out, I will be seen as the dumbest athlete ever,” says Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Boe about the drastic change he made just before the highlight of the season. Boe has changed one the most important parts of the rifle – the stock, says Norwegian NRK.

Younger brother Boe had changed the stock before the season 2020/21, however, he did not feel comfortable enough at the shooting range, and so he replaced it with a new one reminiscent of what he used last winter. A stock is a wooden part of the rifle that biathlete holds while shooting, and is especially adapted to each athlete.

“This is a drastic change. I have never heard of anyone else who would have done something similar,” says 27 years old who has worse results at the shooting range in comparison to the last season. He informed his shooting coach about the decision after the last World Cup race in Anterselva.

“It would be magnificent if it turned out as a genius move. Then I would have looked smart. However, I am aware that in case of a failure I will be seen as the dumbest biathlete ever,” says the leading biathlete of the season.