Marjan Fortin published a book of memories from Pokljuka

Marjan Fortin, Commentator of the Slovenian national television, issued a book ‘Pokljuka 25’ just before the start of the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 Pokljuka. The book describes 25 major biathlon competitions – World Cups and Championships, that Pokljuka hosted in the past three decades.

“I think it’s time for this as Pokljuka will celebrate 30th anniversary of the first World Cup soon. Memories are fading and it’s time to collect the memories of those, who are no longer present or cannot participate anymore, so something will stay for our descendants,” said Fortin during the presentation of the book and stated that the World Championships is an event which brings back the memories of past World Championships and World Cup races. 

‘Pokljuka 25’ unites 22 World Cups and three World Championships, one independent and two individual, that Pokljuka hosted. In the book Fortin presents a short story about each of the seasons, results overview and all Slovenian performances. The book also includes memories of athletes, coaches, journalists and also fans that were on Rudno polje. There is plenty of statistics and interesting facts also included.