Mighty the Dwarf is joining the chamois to cheer in Pokljuka

Pokljuka has been hosting biathlon competitions for more than 20 years, and chamois, the mascot of Pokljuka competitions, cheered on biathletes together with numerous spectators. This year, due to Covid-19 prevention measures, there are no spectators at the venue, but another fan joined the chamois – Mighty the Dwarf.

Mighty the Dwarf came to Pokljuka from a picture book ‘The treasure of the Pokljuka dwarves’, in which its author Žiga X. Gombač tries to present the coexistence of man and nature, particularly to children.

In fact, Mighty the Dwarf has ridden to Pokljuka. He has been staring at the landscape from the chamois’ back, wondering how human behaviour had changed the landscape. Unlike humans, dwarves treat nature much more respectfully, he told the chamois, telling him about the miraculous ore from the Pokljuka forests, which gives dwarves special strength, and dwarfish workout – running through underground tunnels and descending on ropes through caves.

“Pokljuka has experienced many things due to human intervention. The landscape has completely changed and the intervention was so strong that the place was irreversibly marked. The basic message of the story is the importance of nature, our responsibilities and sustainable management,” said the author of the book. The story thus ends with the intervention of dwarves in human behaviour and the Pokljuka plateau begins to slowly recover.

The book also states that anyone who respects nature and rules of conduct is welcome in this part of the Julian Alps. “We also connected this with sports and free time, enjoying nature and everything that characterizes Pokljuka. So it is also an invitation to families to come up and experience as many beautiful and unforgettable things as possible.”

Chamois and Mighty the Dwarf have another important task in Pokljuka – after each race they hurry to the podium, where they closely monitor the awarding of medals and make sure that they are awarded to the right biathletes.