OC Pokljuka is, for the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 Pokljuka as a part of organizational strategic goals in the field of organization of sporting events for the year 2021, preparing a set of measures in the fields of environmental protection and natural resources.

We incorporate a sustainable approach into the event realization strategy through cooperation with all our business partners, as we want to actively take on the role of implementing sustainable solutions with a new line of events within the Sports Center Pokljuka and thus personalize social responsibility and return our success to our colleagues, guests, environment and society.

As a central point on the topic of attitudes towards the environment, we defined the importance of climate change, the importance of local raw materials, the importance of reducing emissions and the global scarcity of resources.

To this end, we present some measures that will mark the operation and organization of major events in Pokljuka (Biathlon World Championship 2021 Pokljuka) and thus further strengthen our mission and vision in preserving natural resources that enrich our region.

IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 Pokljuka

The Pokljuka Sports Association organizes sports events and events for the general public, which are gaining in importance among the wider Slovenian and foreign population. Biathlon competitions represent the largest annual event within the Sports Center Pokljuka, which additionally burdens the area in the long run.

After exploring the possibilities and findings, we included the following 8 goals in the basic vision of the event:

1.      Accessible location for all participants and visitors

2.      Safe atmosphere

3.      Minimal negative impacts on the environment

4.      Encouragement for a healthy lifestyle and quality of life

5.      Promotion of responsible resources

6.      Positive legacy

7.      Excellent user experience

8.      Learning and implementing solutions for sustainable behavior


To achieve the set goals, we identified 3 basic areas of work:

1. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES – low-emission transport and mobility, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, water and energy, efficiency, exclusion of hazardous materials.

2. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES – fair use of human resources, healthy and safe workplace for all involved, involvement of the local community, ensuring accessibility to the event, supply of goods and services at the local level and employment of local people.

  1. ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITIES – savings through increased efficiency, meaningful and transparent public procurement, quality of goods, promotion of innovation, job creation, profitability, responsible accounting, sustainable growth.


IBU World Championships in Biathlon Pokljuka 2021 is a pilot project for implementation of measures to reduce the use of single-use plastic products at mass events. The goals to reduce the use of plastic are:

  • To reduce the use of plastic products, except the use of PET water bottles, the use of which the organizer will try to reduce as much as possible (for example with availability of drinking fountains and possibility of a deposit for returned plastic bottles),
  • To promote the measures to reduce the use of single-use plastic products at events,
  • Learning and implementing solutions for sustainable behavior.

Special segment in the set of different measures all oriented towards implementation of the catering service waste reduction, is the introduction of biodegradable materials in the following three segments:

  1. Reduced amount of waste with the special implementation of biodegradable elements and special waste collection islands (specially positioned eco points at the venue, marked accordingly with instructions to encourage waste separation with visitors, a member of staff is present at larger eco islands to ensure the proper waste separation and to provide instructions to the visitors)
  2. Exclusive use of recycled/biodegradable cutlery, plates and cups at the event (the production and procurement of the aforementioned catering items is in the domain of the organizer. The organizer also has to make sure that the used products are properly disposed of – separated and recycled afterwards – to ensure the catering service leaves as minimal negative environmental impact as possible.)
  3. Increased use of ceramic and/or glass dishes and containers at the event in the VIP segment.

Based on the information provided above, the OC Pokljuka commits to purposely reduce the use of PET plastics during the IBU World Championships in biathlon 2021 Pokljuka and to raise awareness with the visitors about the negative side effects about use of plastic products without regulations and unsuitable recycling and about the possibilities of re-use.

Forests for the people – Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka joins the initiative for a responsible attitude towards the natural environment and is, as a summer and winter sports tourist centre, aware of the necessity of a respectful attitude towards nature.

  1. A correct attitude towards nature already begins with transportation to the ski slope. In view of your options, use public transportation or drive up in a fully occupied vehicle. Always park your car in accordance with the rules of the parking area manager in the designated spots.

  2. When on the ski slope, remain within the designated skiing and cross-country skiing trails. Do not use areas of protected nature for cross-country skiing, skiing or snowboarding.

  3. Do not ski through the forest in which wild animals seek protection and shelter from humans. Most of the wild animals do become used to the disturbances caused by events on the ski slope, as long as they take place within the organised areas. It is only skiing and cross-country skiing outside of the ski trails that cause the wild animals to panic.

  4. Dogs are best left at home, or should be kept on a leash in the area of the ski slope, so they do not chase game. Animals on the run use up valuable energy; sufficient amounts of food are hard to find during the winter as it is.

  5. By skiing outside of the organised ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails you can damage the ground and the plants with the edges of the skis and snowboards, particularly if the snow cover is too low.

  6. The conduct of those who abide by the presented advice will harm the natural environment to the least possible extent.

Thank you for contributing to protecting nature!