Radovljica – the hometown of Jakov Fak

Radovljica is one of the most charming Slovenian medieval towns. With its location, it is an excellent starting point for visiting the Julian Alps and the Karavanke. Recently, it has been recognized as honestly sweet Radol’ca, where honey and chocolate play a prominent role. Quite a few well-known names come from Radovljica and its surroundings, including the best Slovenian biathlete Jakov Fak, who lives in Lesce.

The most visited part of Radovljica is the old town. The central part is Linhart Square, named after Anton Tomaž Linhart, the first Slovenian dramatist, who was born in Radovljica. The square is surrounded by houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, which include a honey bread workshop, a gallery, Farmacy and Alchemy Museum and a pottery manufacture. Among all these buildings, the Radovljica manor is the most outstanding. Inside the manor you can find the Beekeeping Museum, which presents the rich heritage of beekeeping in Radovljica’s area. Below the old town center is the only preserved medieval defence trench in Slovenia.

The rich cultural heritage is complemented by the  iron forging’s Kropa. The art of hand iron forging could be seen at every step of its heritage protected market centre, and the iron forging tradition is still alive in Kropa today. The village of Brezje is known for the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, which is the central pilgrimage center in Slovenia. Begunje na Gorenjskem is the birthplace of the father of Slovenian folk music, Slavko Avsenik. He and his brother Vilko have created a number of hits, including the famous Golica, which can also be heard at Pokljuka during the performances of Slovenian biathletes.

Radovljica and its surroundings offer many possibitities for hiking. The most popular hiking spots are in the Karavanke mountains, from where unforgettable views of the Julian Alps and Bled open up. One of the stages of the popular Juliana Trail leads through places in the Radovljica area. Numerous thematic trails bring hikers closer to Radovljica’s natural and cultural heritage. In addition to hiking, Radovljica offers good possibilities for cycling and water activities.

Radovljica becomes very popular also among the gourmets. In April they organize the largest Slovenian Chocolate Festival. The gastronomic image of Radovljica is best reflected in the November festival Taste Radol’ca, where renowned Radovljica restaurants take their part. Among them is Vila Podvin, one of the Slovenian restaurants that won the prestigious Michelin star.

Radovljica is one of the most exemplary Slovenian destinations, which follows sustainable guidelines. It is also the recipient of the Slovenia Green gold label.