Slovene biathletes shoot as good as they drive

At a race, biathletes ski up to 20 km, and they pause just to shoot at the targets. A sober head, and steady hand are of great importance, often even crucial. At the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 Pokljuka, the Slovenian team led by Jakov Fak is well aware of that.

Before today’s race, the best Slovenian biathlete posted a group photo with his team-mates on Instagram, adding: “Today, we will try to shoot 0.0, while you should drive 0.0!” Slovenian guys finished the men’s relay in the eight position.

I drive 0.0, and drink 0.0 is also the name of the campaign, organised by Petrol (a petrol company) and Brewery Laško Union. They try to raise awareness that everyone takes part in a safe, and responsible mobility. This is not the case only for driving with 0.0 blood alcohol level, but also in driving with 0.0 releases of greenhouse gases.

About a year ago, Petrol, which is expanding its network of charging stations for electric vehicles, and Brewery Laško have formed a partnership for sustainable mobility. A while ago, Brewery Laško has started producing a new non-alcoholic beer. Jakov Fak is also aware that apart from a sober head it is also important to have a reliable car that is good for people and the environment.