Slovenian healthy waters for a flow of fresh energy

The IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 in Pokljuka is behind us. Now comes the time for analysis, memories, and recharging batteries. With its natural health resorts, Slovenia is certainly the right choice for regeneration and rehabilitation after injuries. Most programs in health resorts involve healing thermal and mineral waters. Some thermal springs have a very specific chemical structure that cannot be found elsewhere.

Slovenia is a land of healthy waters. It has 13 verified natural health resorts, and a number of other thermal centres which offer medical care and well-being. Most health resorts and spas are located in the Pannonian part of Slovenia, but some are also found along the coast and in the Alpine world. Slovenian health resorts are distinguished by modern equipped health centres, where top specialists and experts in various health and prevention fields work. Natural healing factors are included in medical and well-being programs.

Mineral and thermal springs have proven positive effects on health and well-being. One of the most exceptional mineral water is Donat Mg from Rogaška Slatina, which is famous for its high magnesium content. Mineral water from Radenci boasts one of the highest proportions of carbon dioxide in Europe. Pomurje is one of the richest Slovenian areas with natural mineral and thermal springs, and there also black thermal-mineral water rises from the depths. The power of healing waters is used in various therapies, regeneration, and wellness programs.

There are a number of wellness programs available in Slovenia, based on ancient traditions as well as local knowledge and ingredients. You can treat yourself with honey, salt, beer and wine ingredients, and also glacial water. Local herbs, such as herbs and peat from the Pohorje swamps and forests, and herbs from the Prekmurje meadows have a positive effect on health and well-being.

Slovenian spas and health resorts are full of entertainment and water fun. Most health resorts have outdoor and indoor water parks and modern pool complexes, where it is possible to swim in all seasons, and where all generations find their enjoyment. Various recreational areas, hiking and biking trails are maintained in vicinity of the spa centres.

Some resorts are especially attractive for the preparation of top athletes. One of the most popular resorts is Terme Zreče, connected to the sporting centre in Rogla. Slovenian national teams often choose also Thermana Laško, and Terme Čatež for preparations.