The Slovenian Army is indispensable in the implementation of the world championships

Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces are of great help to the organizers of the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021 in Pokljuka. They provide important human and material support to the event, taking on the role of judges on the shooting range during races, and being ready to come to the rescue as first-aid personnel.

“Every day, there are about 80 soldiers from various units of the Slovenian Army at the venue,” said Primož Savinšek, who, in his role as regimental commander, makes sure that the work of soldiers in Pokljuka goes smoothly. These are people who are involved in working at the biathlon stadium as well as in medical care, transportation, food preparation, security, cleaning, etc.

During the world championships, the Slovenian Army offers support with radio communications, and also provides the accommodation for the organizers in the military post in Pokljuka. Military vehicles are used for transportation, and machines such as snow groomers and snowmobiles are used to prepare tracks. “The helicopter unit in Brnik is also on standby,” Savinšek added.

The opening ceremony of the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021, taking place in Bled on 8th February did not pass without soldiers either. The guardsmen contributed to the event by raising the Slovenian flag.

Until four decades ago, biathlon was a typical military sport, so it is no wonder that the participation of soldiers in the preparation of biathlon competitions has a rich tradition. In Pokljuka, soldiers have been helping since the first organization of competitions at the highest level – the World Cup in the 1992/93 season.